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Upcycle those cute baby clothes into baby clothes quilts!

Don't you feel bad throwing away those stained or too-small onesies with the cute little ducks? Can't bear to part with the fuzzy walrus P.J.'s, but know they'll end up in a box in the basement? Want a way to turn the baby clothes that are sitting in that tub in your closet into memories?

After your baby's first year, you probably have dozens (or a closetful) of cute outfits your baby has outgrown that are too cute, too memorable or too stained to sell! Don't let them end up in a plastic bin... turn them into a memory quilt!

Let me extract the love out of those darling clothes by turning the most precious parts of those outfits into an even more precious full, twin, throw, or crib-sized baby clothes memory quilt. Your baby will have the memory quilt as a keepsake of his or her first year (or more) outfits, and can even pass it on to children and grandchildren.